About Onyx

"Onyx Interweb brings technology and business closer together. Simply technology. Enabling business via Web Technology."

Onyx Interweb is a Management Consultancy focusing on business development, business processing, digital strategy and more using a simply set of guidelines and executing via web technologies. We have fifteen years experience in ICT and Media, and have worked on projects covering a vast set of industries.

We also offer facilitation and speaking engagements on various topics ranging from business development, to internet security.

About Onyx

Founded in 2010 by Shana Kay, Onyx Interweb has successfully engaged with a variety of types of companies and completed many projects for companies such as Maxxor, IntelliCred, Yeslaaik, The Privacy Institute, Wayne Derman, Dean Murinik, OurlifeLessons, Times Media (including working on Projects for Business Day, Business Day LIVE, Times Live, Exclusive Books etc.).